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Mar 8, 2023

Public Policies on Migration and The Participation of Civil Society in Venezuela

Thefundamental purpose of this research is to identify the public policies thatthe Venezuelan State has adopted to manage migratory processes. In its earlyyears, the country had to manage a significant influx of immigrants fromabroad; yet, in more recent times, it is necessary to focus on the departure ofVenezuelan emigrants. In addition, it seeks to highlight the role played bycivil society organizations involved in migration issues and their relationshipwith State institutions. In this regard, the second part of the study presentsa brief analysis of the evolution of public policies on migration, reviewingthe national legal framework and its linkages to international conventions, aswell as binational and regional agreements that Venezuela has subscribed totogether with other governments. In addition, we map out key institutions thathave responsibilities related to migration processes by specifying theirfunction.

Anitza Freitez Landaeta, Genny Zúñiga y Beatriz Borges
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Instituto de Investigaciones Económicas y Sociales
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